Weaponize Facial Hair In 16-Bit Platformer Beard Blade



After Branson finds himself beaten and defeated after fighting off an invasion of imps, a magical barber grants his beard great magical powers in Beard Blade, a 16-bit inspired action platformer in development.




Branson can use his beard in many useful ways throughout Beard Blade. It can be used to punch objects and foes, grab onto things in the environment to help him reach new locations, throw enemies, and also turn him into a heavy block wall to crush whatever he falls on. More abilities will be coming to his facial hair as development continues, with players able to equip certain skills by speaking to the magical barber.


Branson’s attacks will also feature additional effects depending on the timing of each hit. Inspired by Super Mario RPG, these effects may do more damage or provide different motions that can be used to attack other monsters or get to hard-to-reach places.


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The light, silly platformer also features side quests and hidden treasures the player can find while trying to recover the items the imps stole from the townsfolk.


A demo for the platformer is available through Beard Blade’s Kickstarter page.

Alistair Wong
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