Wedding Belles Are Ringing In Dragalia Lost With Bride Elisanne And Aoi


wedding belles dragalia lost bride elisanne

2b07cddf6d7a75efff7136eaeb48d769 The next Dragalia Lost Summon Showcase and Events have been announced. Following a Wedding Belles login event that gave people a summon ticket every day, a Wedding Belles banner has been revealed. It will launch just after the new Mercurial Gauntlet event and ahead of the revival of A Wish to the Winds.


The Dragalia Lost Wedding Belles banner will be around from June 20-30, 2019. In it, people have a chance of pulling bride versions of two characters and a new dragon. The two brides are Elisanne, who is a five-star wind Adventurer with a sword, and Aoi, who is a five-star wind Adventurer with a dagger. The new five-star dragon is Freyja, who is also a wind elemental unit.


Here is a trailer showcasing the Dragalia Lost Wedding Belles banner.


The current challenge event is The Mercurial Gauntlet. It began on June 19, 2019 and has people fighting Fafnir Roy III. You can take part in flame, light, shadow, water, and wind-themed quests, each involving a Fafnir Roy III of a different element. His level increases after being beaten, also increasing the rewards in The Victor’s Trove monthly reward you can claim.


Finally, the A Wish to the Winds facility event will return on June 20, 2019. It will run until June 30, 2019. It first appeared in the game in November 2018.


 Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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