Weirdo Adventure-RPG Knuckle Sandwich Gets Its First Trailer


Andrew Brophy has released the first trailer for his upcoming adventure / RPG Knuckle Sandwich. He has also put the game up on Steam Greenlight.


Siliconera previously spoke to Brophy about Knuckle Sandwich, in which he admits that it does take quite a few cues from Earthbound, but noted that its story is very different.


It’s actually based on Brophy’s own experiences growing up and taking on crappy jobs. As such, the character you play works in a run-down diner and his life is somewhat dull. This changes when people from around the small town start disappearing and a strange cult appears.


You’ll be able to explore Knuckle Sandwich’s world quite freely, petting cats, going to work, and getting involved in the lives of others. You can also pursue the mystery at the heart of the game and take part in turn-based battles against various monsters.

Chris Priestman