West Of Loathing’s Simple Art Style Emphasizes Its Ridiculous, Pun-Filled RPG Play


West of Loathing, the sequel to free browser-based RPG Kingdom of Loathing, brings the same silly, pun-filled sense of humor to the Old West, using the previous game’s characteristic stick man art style to emphasize the humor and ridiculousness of the events in the game.


West of Loathing is a turn-based RPG that aims to crack the player up, pitting them against cow demons as they play as classes like Snake Oilers and magical Beanslingers. Players are free to explore this punny version of the Old West, finding adventure in places like the Petting Cemetary, the Sub-Mission Catacombs, and many other silly places in the game’s open world.

The game aims to be silly, poke fun at genre tropes, and stick puns in at every turn, and this absurd atmosphere is further enhanced by the game’s simplistic stick man art style. This allows the developers to create visual jokes with ease or by only adding a few simple details, and it also looks humorous in combat as players fight smart-mouthed skeletons and other goofy desperadoes.


West of Loathing’s attempts to crack the player up at every turn are available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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