Western Localization Of Libra Of The Vampire Princess Is Now On Kickstarter


MiKandi Japan has launched the Kickstarter for bishoujo visual novel Libra of the Vampire Princess. The publisher is searching for $125,000 to localize Japanese studio XERO’s latest visual novel for the west.


MiKandi Japan explains that Libra of the Vampire Princess is nearly 1 million Japanese characters in size (“similar in size to 8 light novels”) and runs for about 50 hours of play time, so the translation alone is a huge undertaking. Hence, the localized version would go through several passes over the next eight months and another two months will be needed for rebuilding and debugging, with an expected release in fall 2016.


Libra is a moe love story filled with fun and comedy, wrapped in a chunibyou style, vampire-battling universe,” writes MiKandi Japan. “You play the main character, Shuma Kusanagi, as he struggles to uncover a secret about his birth after being bitten by a two thousand year old vampire.”


If you want to find out more about Libra of the Vampire Princess, as well as its developer and publisher, check out Siliconera’s interview with MiKandi Japan.

Chris Priestman