Western Version Of Otome Visual Novel Beastmaster And Prince Gets A Kickstarter


Gloczus has launched a Kickstarter to bring Idea Factory’s 2010 otome visual novel Beastmaster and Prince ~Flower and Snow~ to the west.


A total of $150,000 in funding is being sought to localize Beastmaster and Prince for the west and bring it to Steam. If this goal can be reached, an extra stretch goal of $1,000 will be added to also port the game to iOS and Android devices.


There are six playable characters and four Princes to interact with – as well as ancillary characters – in Beastmaster and Prince. It also has multiple endings for you to reach that depend on the choices you make. Plus, the game has a Cuddle System that lets you pet the Princes in their animal forms.


Here’s the story summary:


“The story begins with our protagonist, Tiana, who dreams of becoming a great Beastmaster. In her travels she encounters four Princes from the neighboring kingdom of Farzan, who were cursed and transformed into animals by a witch. The first Prince, Matheus became a Lion; the second, Alfred, became a Wolf; the third Prince, Lucia, became a Duck; and the fourth, Erik, became a Rabbit. Tiana wants to save the Princes and will do all she can to lift the curse. However, they soon learn that the curse was only the beginning of a conspiracy brewing within the kingdom… ”


You can get yourself a digital version of Beastmaster and Prince once it’s ready for $25 through Kickstarter. The plan is to have it ready to ship by September 2016 if funding is successful.


You can find out more about the visual novel in Siliconera’s impressions of the PSP version.

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