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Western Version Of Fire Emblem Fates Lacks Touching Minigame


if picKotaku has learned that the localized version of Fire Emblem Fates will have a feature removed. In the original, Japanese versions of Fire Emblem if, there was a touching minigame in the My Castle area. A player could send their hero or heroine to their home, then call one of their companions over to pet their face. This will not be present in the English version of Fire Emblem Fates.


The Fire Emblem if minigame was most like ones present in the Nintendo DS’ Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side or Love Plus games. The character’s face would appear on-screen, and you could tap or rub to build their affection. The characters would react accordingly, sometimes being pleased or upset. After a brief period of time, there’d be a very minor boost in affection and the character would say an endearing phrase. Engaging in the activity provided a smaller boost in affection than in-battle interactions.


This alteration comes after news that Nintendo will be altering support conversations between the avatar and a heroine named Soliel. In the original script, the avatar would slip Soleil a magic potion that would make her see men as women, because she said she was becoming too distracted by cute girls. Nintendo recognized the situation as possibly problematic, changing it for the North American release.


Fire Emblem Fates will be released on the Nintendo 3DS on February 19, 2016.

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