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We’ve All Seen Gal Gun, But A “Guy Gun” Might Be A Thing Someday



    Siliconera recently talked to Inti Creates Producer Matt Papa, who talked to us about how Gal Gun left Japan and came to the West. He also had a few interesting things to share about using Gal*Gun’s rails engine for a different of rails game, and his two cents on PlayStation VR.


    Have you thought about using the on rails engine that powers Gal*Gun for a different kind of on rails game and what are your thoughts about PlayStation VR?

    Matt Papa, Producer at Inti Creates: I know a lot of the girls who work here want “Guy*Gun”, so we’ll see what happens with that, hehe. As for VR, I personally think it’s really cool, and that to some degree, I don’t know exactly how much, it’s going to be a big part of gaming’s future. Just going to the big trade shows over the past year or two has been more than enough to show me its big impact on the industry, and we will definitely explore the possibilities the VR presents to us as a developer.


    Gal*Gun: Double Peace is currently available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. You can read more from our interview with developer Inti Creates and publisher PQube here.

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