Icy Crystal, Icy Metal, Icy Helve Baldurs Gate 3 BG3
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What Are Icy Crystal, Icy Metal, and Icy Helve in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Icy Crystal, Icy Metal, and Icy Helve are a trio of materials you can gather in Baldur’s Gate 3. They go together and make up what you need to craft the powerful Mourning Frost Staff. This special weapon is perfect for players who like to use cold spells in the game, as they buff them considerably. But before you can make this amazing magical staff, you’ll need to track down all three of the rare materials. Unfortunately, only one of each item exists in the game.

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Icy Crystal, Icy Metal, Icy Helve Baldurs Gate 3 BG3 Locations
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How to Get the Icy Crystal in Baldurs Gate 3

To get all three of these rare materials, you’ll need to head to the Underdark and look for them there in Act 1 or 2. They are spread out in the corners of the Baldur’s Gate 3 map, starting with the Icy Crystal. Head to the western part of the Underdark, just south of the Sussur Tree waypoint on the map, as seen in the screenshot above.

Like the other two materials, you have to loot it off the body of one of the Drows in this area. For this one, it is the Drow Filro the Forgotten, who is still alive and will attack you on site. There is no getting around this, so you’ll have to defeat him and his horrifying summon to get the Icy Crystal.

How to Get Icy Metal in Baldur’s Gate 3

The second material you need is the Icy Metal item. You can find this one at the central northern edge of the map, northwest of the Myconid Colony waypoint. There is a dead Drow here you can loot for the rare material.

How to Get Icy Helve in Baldur’s Gate 3

Finally, for the Mourning Frost Staff, you need the Icy Helve. This one is found in the southeastern corner of the Underdark map, just west of the Selunite Outpost. The problem is you don’t want to come from the outpost, but rather, from the west side. This is because of the powerful enemies in this area that you want to avoid.

There is a Drow body near where the marker is in the screenshot above. Head there, and you can loot the Icy Metal off of them.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available for PS5 and PC. It will also be released for Xbox Series X/S sometime in 2023.

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