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What Happens In A Game After You’ve Killed The Final Boss?


Roving Rogue starts at the end. The first thing you’ll do is kill the final boss. Unfortunately, instead of rescuing the kidnapped, taking the treasure, or living happily ever after, none of this happens and the game’s protagonist Kurt has forgotten what he set out to do.


With nothing else to do, Kurt then has to get back out of the castle, and you have to help him along. The story of why Kurt entered this castle in the first place is then told to you backwards and is apparently full of “twists and turns.”


But the game isn’t just about telling a story. It also arms you with a sword and teleporter with which to get through its 42 levels. And you don’t have to do it alone, either. Roving Rogue supports up to four-player local multiplayer and, as you’ll see in the trailer, it can get quite chaotic.


Roving Rogue will be coming to the Wii U eShop on July 2nd and will be sold for $7.99.

Chris Priestman