tgs2011_title_biorev_game05_lCapcom released a few new screenshots of Resident Evil: Revelations where Jill and another woman are attacked by strange creatures on a luxury liner turned ghost ship.


The woman seen below is in a black suit, perhaps she’s a member of the special forces. Jill Valentine and her new partner Parker will have to investigate the ship, which is said to have information about a virus weapon. They aren’t the only people on the creature cruise either. Aside from creatures, Raymond who looks like a calm agent runs into Jill and Parker, but what is he doing there?


A playable build of Resident Evil: Revelations will be shown at Tokyo Game Show. The Nintendo 3DS game is slated for release in early 2012.


tgs2011_title_biorev_game04_l tgs2011_title_biorev_game06_l  tgs2011_title_biorev_game02_l  tgs2011_title_biorev_game03_l tgs2011_title_biorev_game01_l

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