What? Pokémon Arcade Game Is Evolving! Here’s A Look At Pokémon Tretta Fes


Pokémon Tretta, the collaborative arcade game developed by Takara Tomy, Marvelous AQL and Nintendo will be evolving into Pokémon Tretta Fes. The updated version of the game will still have the same elements from the original, such as the 3 vs 3 battles for a chance to acquire dispensed Pokémon Tretta tiles, but this time, it’ll feature two player options and more.



The new mode that has been added is the “Capture with Two,” which gives you a better chance to capture and fight Pokémon with the help of a buddy.


This feature is done by having one player mash the buttons on the side while another turns the dial as fast as possible. In addition, they’ve added a weekly bonus feature that will make it easier for you to find, fight, and catch Pokémon


When you start a game, the first part you’ll participate in is the Search Mode, which determines which Pokémon you’ll fight and have a chance of catching. The search bonus adds an extra silhouette to Search Mode, giving you a better chance at finding Pokémon you’d like to catch.


In the next step, you’ll be required to select three Pokémon Tretta who’ll fight for your side. Players who don’t have any can simply use rental Pokémon. The key to succeeding in these battles, is to know your Pokémon strengths and weaknesses. One of the newly added features is the Pokémon Mood, which will have an effect on how well they perform in battle.



The dial is used to select the attacks you’ll be using and to check how effective they are against your enemies. Most Pokémon only have one attack, but some have two. The trick is to select your moves wisely and quickly, as the less time it takes for you to choose an attack, the better your chance will be of getting superior Pokéballs during the capture part.


The battle bonus will  give you a roulette chance of doing extra damage and you can do even more damage if you’re playing with two players by having one person mash the side buttons while the other spins the dial. By damaging the opposing Pokémon, the gauges shown on the top part of the screen fills up, which increases your chances of being able to capture them. The game ends when either side no longer has any Pokémon left standing, or if three turns go by.


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As previously mentioned, choosing your attacks quicker will add superior Poké Balls to the roulette. You’ll also get a capture bonus for each Pokémon with remaining HP at the conclusion of the battle. Again, you can get an extra bonus by playing with two players for the capture part, too, by having one mash the buttons to fill up a gauge while the other presses the Poké Ball button when the gauge is full.


Once you capture a Pokémon, it will appear as a Tretta tile for you to keep. Sometimes you will capture more than one Pokémon, and even up to three at a time; however, you can only pick one unless you add more coins to keep the others. The Trettas come in Normal, Super, Hyper, Master and Legend classes of rarity.


You can even find rarer versions of the same Pokémon with better abilities. Pokémon Tretta Fes introduces 48 new Pokémon, for the first time on the arcade series, including the Legend Class Mewtwo. Also being introduced is the Tretta Report card, a physical card used to store the data of your captured Pokémon, which can also be used to raise your partners.


The Pokémon Tretta Fes upgrade will be hitting Japanese arcade centers July 11th.

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