vf5dc.jpgSega is shilling their first pack of Virtua Fighter 5 content and it’s a bundle of character accessories for 300 Microsoft Points ($3.75). The move is unsurprising because it’s the easiest way to make some extra money. Before we go into the obligatory tearing on microtransactions avenue Sega *could* make good use of the pay-to-play system with Virtua Fighter 5.


Instead of making gamers pay for virtual clothes, why not sell something useful like arcade revisions? The Playstation 3 release is stuck on revision B and I imagine Virtua Fighter fans would gladly pay a small fee for an update to revision C. When the inevitable revision D shows up, Sega could sell that over the Xbox Live Marketplace and give gamers the option of playing online with revision C or revision D. Of course this is just a musing of mine, but I would much rather spend money on real updates than a new hairdo for Shun.

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