Nintendo 3DS

What’s A Gamer To Do With A “Free” $30?


The upcoming Club Nintendo Fire Emblem: Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei IV promotion (running through August 31st) seems a special thank you from Mario to RPG fans.


Buy two of the most popular 3DS RPGs (physical or digital) you already planned to get or long ago reserved, find five minutes of your time to register the games, and see $30 magically appear in your Nintendo eShop account. Funds which, as long as your Club Nintendo paperwork is done on time, will never expire and can be used on either the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS digital stores.


So, what’s the next step? Splurge on all those Fire Emblem downloads? Try a selection of smaller titles like Starship Damrey, The Denpa Men or PicDun? Use it as an excuse to grab Animal Crossing or Project X Zone? Or put it away for the time Rune Factory 4, Bravely Default or Pokemon X/Y become available?


And those are only some of the possibilities. Come on, Siliconera—tell us what your 30 bucks will become!


Hayden (M'iau M'iaut)