With Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV making its theatrical debut this week, the cast was recently asked to describe their reaction to the call delivering the news they’d been cast in a Final Fantasy film. Other than the immediate shout of excitement – which was brilliantly reenacted by Andrea Tivadar, who plays Crowe in the film – the actors didn’t really know much about the movie they were being considered for due to the level of secrecy on the project.


As Liam Mulvey, the actor behind the voice and likeness of Libertus Ostium, explains, the actors were kept in the dark in the early stages of casting. Even when Square Enix was named, Mulvey didn’t immediately think he would be in a Final Fantasy feature. “We got the first call and [the agent] goes, ‘Someone’s interested in you for a CGI film.’ Okay, great. Any more information? ‘No.'” Mulvey recounted. “To be honest, I didn’t even think of Final Fantasy. It didn’t even occur to me. I was still thinking maybe Deus Ex, or Tomb Raider, and then we got the paperwork for it saying Final Fantasy.”


The actor was excited by the opportunity, considering he’s a Final Fantasy fan himself. “I think I walked around with a grin on my face for about a week,” he admitted. “I was already a big fan of Final Fantasy. Seven’s my favorite.”


“I can’t wait for Final Fantasy XV to come out, as well. Just being a part of this is amazing.”


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