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Where to Find Clay, Ash and a Beacon in Moonstone Island

Clay, Ash and a Beacon are all items you will need when trying to clear the temples in Moonstone Island. Fortunately, they are all items you can craft or obtain from your Spirit Barn.

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How do I get Clay in Moonstone Island?

Clay is one of the various resources you can get from the Spirit Barn. Each Spirit you place in the Barn and keep well-fed will drop an item specific to its type. Simply build a Spirit Barn (100 Wood, 100 Stone, 3 Iron Ingots, 1 Moonstone Ingot) and Spirits can now be sent here after you’ve captured them but there is no space in your Medallion.

Clay is the easiest Spirit item to get, as it comes from Grass Spirits, which are easy to get from the start of the game. Send any Grass Spirit here, keep its Spirit Stall topped up with food and you’ll wake up to find Clay in the Barn eventually.

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How do I get Ash in Moonstone Island?

Ash is a simple item to find in Moonstone Island. Ferra will give you the quest Furnace for a Friend during the game’s story, and completing this gives you the blueprint for a Furnace. With this blueprint, you can now build a Furnace for 10 Wood and 10 Stone.

From the Furnace, you can make Ash. Place 3 Wood and 1 Coal into the Furnace and after a short time, you’ll be able to retrieve Ash from it. Furnaces can also be used to make the Ingots required for other crafting recipes.

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How do I get a Beacon in Moonstone Island?

Getting a beacon is the trickier of the three items, as it’s found later in Moonstone Island. The Beacon blueprint can only be obtained by completing Zed’s Matchmaker request, which requires you to capture an Armbot from Electric islands. You ideally should equip some protection when heading to these islands.

Once you’ve got the blueprint from Zed, a Beacon can be crafted from the Moonstone Enchanter. You’ll need 3 Iron Ingots and a Moonstone.

Moonstone Island is out now for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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