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Where to Find the Provisions for Kairi in Kingdom Hearts

One of your first tasks in Kingdom Hearts is gathering supplies for a raft. So, let’s go over where to get all of the raft provisions for Kairi in Kingdom Hearts and get you on your journey.

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Kairi asks Sora to gather some items around Destiny Island that they can eat and drink on the raft. Her list is pretty lengthy, but don’t be fooled. It’s a pretty reasonable list if you know where everything is.

Kairi wants Sora to bring back the following:

  • One seagull egg
  • Two coconuts
  • Three mushrooms
  • Three fish
  • Drinking water

All the items are spread across the two areas of Destiny Island. So, to find them, you just need to explore both sections.

How to get coconuts, fish, and mushrooms provisions for Kairi in Kingdom Hearts

Luckily, the coconuts are immediately available. Simply go to any of the thicker trees on the island and whack it a few times with your sword. After a few hits the yellowish green coconuts should fall to the sand. Repeat this process until two drop then move on.

The fish aren’t much harder to find. In the first area of Destiny Islands, near where Wakka hangs out, wade into the water. It you look you’ll be able to see the fish actually swimming around. Finally, just swim up to them to add them to your inventory.

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The mushrooms are maybe the hardest to spot on your own. However, we know exactly where to go. First, there’s a rock blocking an alcove right next to Kairi. Move the rock and then snag the mushroom hidden inside.

Next, right above that alcove, is a watch tower. If you look to the left of the tower you’ll find another mushroom. Finally, head to the “secret area” next to the waterfall in the first area. Once you go inside here you can find the mushroom next to the massive door. Finding this will actually start a small cutscene.

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Where to Find Seagull Egg and Drinking Water in Kingdom Hearts

Wrapping up our shopping list is a seagull egg and some fresh drinking water. Both of these are quite easy to get and are luckily right where you are if you grabbed the last mushroom. Right outside the cave is the small waterfall. Fortunately, all you have to do to get drinking water is stand underneath it.

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Finally, the seagull egg is on a tree above the Seaside Shack. Thankfully, the small climbable tree next to it makes it easy for Sora to get high enough to grab the egg. With that, Sora can return to Kairi with all her requested provisions and begin the rest of their journey.

Kingdom Hearts is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam.

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