Which Honkai: Star Rail Character Is Doing Their Best for You?

Who's the Best Honkai Star Rail Character
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Given how new Honkai: Star Rail is, it’s basically impossible to decide who the best overall characters are. It’ll take time to work it out, as well as additions to the roster that help us see possible team compositions. However, now that it’s been around for a few days and we’ve found our footing, we started discovering people who are already working well for us. We figured lets talk about characters we recommend and find out who might be worth possibly recruiting.

I have to say Bailu is my best Honkai: Star Rail character, because she’s the five-star RNG decided I deserved. I’m pretty happy about it too! Her character design is fantastic. But more importantly, she’s a healer! It means that I’ve been able to push through areas of the game that might have been a bit too strong for me early, because her Singing Among the Clouds special heals one character, then randomly heals an additional one, and her Felicitous Thunderleap ultimate heals every party member and invigorates them. Not to mention invigorated allies that are injured get health regenerated. She’s such a helpful dragon! — Jenni

For completely non-gameplay reasons, Dan Heng is my pick. Sure, he has the standard “black-haired anime boy” design going on, but that red eyeliner? NICE. March really robbed us in that early cutscene. Dan Heng is also a great single-target attacker, which makes him a fantastic unit for boss fights. It is a bit unfortunate how much work you have to put into him before he starts to shine, but no one ever said it’s easy to maintain a relationship. — Stephanie

Unfortunately, my luck in Honkai: Star Rail is abysmal when it comes to getting characters, not so much when it comes to Light Cones (my inventory is full of them, and of the rarer variety too!). But all of the free characters have been serving me extremely well, and I have to say March 7th has effectively been carrying my team with her “Defend” skill. She keeps everyone alive through even the most punishing attacks, which has allowed me to tackle and defeat enemies at least 10+ levels above my own characters. This not only speaks to the overall utility of the character, but also how you can make the most out of what the game gives you, which leaves me less sour not having any great 5-Star characters part of my roster. — Kazuma

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