Which JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part is Best?

Which JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part is Best

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a lot, what with how each part functions. Someone could go into it and get confused about characters and plotlines. Especially when you start charting who knows who and how they might be related. How do you get into it? We can help! JoJo fans on the Siliconera staff got together to recommend their favorite parts.

I know everyone is talking about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean right now, but that’s not the “best” part I’m going to recommend. Rather, I’d suggest getting into Golden Wind. The reason being it’s fairly recent, its protagonist is quite notable and the story is a very standalone piece. Its “JoJo” is Giorno Giovanna, a young man who wants to climb the mafia ranks in order to do good. So you’re learning about Stands and the series in a very contained (and entertaining) way. — Jenni

best jojo's bizarre adventure part steel ball run

My favorite JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure part is actually Golden Wind! But since Jenni already talked about it, my next favorite as a whole is Part 7, Steel Ball Run. Steel Ball Run follows the story of Johnny Joestar, a paraplegic jockey who enters the Steel Ball Run race for the chance to win 50 million dollars. There, he meets Gyro Zeppeli and is caught up in a struggle to obtain the Saint’s Corpse, which can bestow Stand abilities.

Steel Ball Run‘s strangeness is a lot easier to keep up with after the wacky adventures that took place in Stone Ocean. Johnny’s interactions with characters like Gyro and Diego were hilarious as well. It was interesting how the Stands differed in appearances from previous parts, though the creative ways that the characters used them remained the same. Steel Ball Run, like Golden Wind, is not exactly connected to previous parts, outside of references to the original. So those who are interested in JoJo but don’t want the time investment of watching or reading the six previous parts can jump right in. — Stephanie

best jojo's bizarre adventure part diamond is unbreakable

I find Diamond is Unbreakable to be extremely approachable in nearly every aspect. The art stands out! The late-1990s setting is familiar to audiences! Josuke has an appealing personality! The worldbuilding is top-notch, and certain parts have a more slice-of-life feel. The past villains are far more over-the-top than Yoshikage Kira, so those looking for a more down-to-Earth experience will definitely find something to love here. — Carley

I fully agree with Carley. As much as I love some of the more epic story arcs of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, I think my favorite part would have to go to Diamond is Unbreakable. The slice-of-life feel is in stark contrast to Stardust Crusaders‘s fast-paced medley of traveling and fighting. The end result is that Araki breaks a lot of conventions that he himself set up, to the benefit of DU‘s story.
In terms of narrative, Diamond is Unbreakable also manages to intertwine plotlines in a way that feels natural. Side stories that may initially feel like filler chapters later turn out to be vital to the central plot. Its also arguably the first and only part to have a protagonist and antagonist’s stand abilities mirror each other. I could honestly go on for hours about the dynamic between Josuke and Kira Yoshikage alone.
If you felt the first three parts were “too much,” then I highly recommend giving it a shot. — Andrew

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