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Which Nintendo Switch Online N64 Games Do You Want Next?

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At the announcement of Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack, we were treated to a full list of upcoming N64 games for the service. With Kirby 64 out this week (and only Pokemon Snap remaining in the queue), what do you hope to find in the second wave of Nintendo Switch Online N64 releases?

Because I love pain, Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness. It’s truly one of the most atrocious 3D titles that were available on the Nintendo 64, but who doesn’t love werewolves and skeletons riding motorcycles! — Kazuma

nintendo 64 castlevania pikachu

I want Hey You, Pikachu!. Why? I want to see if it would be possible to somehow make it run on the Switch. Force me to open the Nintendo Switch Online app on my phone every time I want to (attempt) to tell Pikachu what to do! Let me relive the frustration of watching the Pokemon ignore my demands! Also, with all this solitary pandemic time? I could use someone to “talk” to and work on my enunciation again.

…I guess Hamster Monogatari 64 could be fun too. — Jenni

Nintendo switch online n64 rakugakids

A digital service like the Nintendo Switch Online N64 app offers a great opportunity to give an overlooked game another chance. It helps if the game’s also good, of course! And if it ages gracefully, a rarity in the Nintendo 64 catalog. So my pick: Konami’s Rakugakids.

The hand-drawn look for characters and environments holds up great! And it’s a quirky fighting game, so that fits with Nintendo’s focus on two-player experiences for NSO. Plus: not a lot of genre competition for this thing! (Though I wouldn’t complain if Flying Dragon shows up instead, with its quirky campaign and equipment.) — Graham

flying dragon custom robo

Truth be told, many of the games I wish were on the Switch Online N64 catalog it are already present from Nintendo’s initial offering. Even the Japan-only Sin and Punishment. One thing that isn’t there yet, though? The (also Japan-exclusive) Custom Robo.

It and its sequel Custom Robo V2, both announced for the service in Japan but unreleased anywhere, are surprisingly pure fusions of mecha customization and JRPG-style overworld exploration. With a mood that feels like a mix of Pokemon and Armored Core, they stand out in an environment that tends to make any given mecha game either a sim-type title or a turn-based tactical game. — Josh

nintendo switch online n64 pilotwings

I wholeheartedly agree with Josh on requesting the Custom Robo series. However, I do have another title in mind: Pilotwings 64. The classic 3D flight game was one of Nintendo 64’s launch titles. It has a lot of missions to complete, using a variety of equipment and vehicles. I can’t wait to fly back to the nostalgic title once again. — Kite

What Nintendo Switch Online N64 games do you want next? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter! And read our other handy roundtables for more thoughts from the Siliconera team.

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