Kid Icarus: Uprising, as designer Masahiro Sakurai explained before, has simple controls. You move Pit with the analog stick, press the L button to attack, and rotate the camera with the stylus.


The Nintendo 3DS game will be playable for the first time this weekend at Nintendo World and Nintendo anticipates a line. Sakurai said on Twitter, Palthena* will explain how to play Kid Icarus: Uprising while you’re in line.


Sakurai mentions a couple of commands we haven’t heard about before. The game has flicking motions, a dash move, dash attack, and a dodge move. Those are some of the tricks Palthena will teach people waiting to play Kid Icarus: Uprising.


(* Note: In Japan, the Kid Icarus series is called Palthena’s Mirror. I believe "Palthena" was "Palutena" in North America.)


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