White Cat Project Developers to Pay Nintendo 3.3 Billion Yen in Lawsuit Settlement

White Cat Project Nintendo Lawsuit Settlement

White Cat Project developers Colopl will pay Nintendo 3.3 billion yen as part of a lawsuit settlement. The lawsuit that originally began in January 2018 has finally come to a close. Additionally, Nintendo has released a statement regarding the lawsuit against Colopl, which reveals a few details from the settlement. [Thanks, ryokutya2089 and livedoor News!]

In addition to the agreed upon 3.3 billion yen, Colopl will also pay for future licenses for use of Nintendo’s patent. A statement from Colopl indicates that the company believes this the best way to proceed. Colopl also mentions that it has agreed on the settlement with Nintendo.

While details regarding the sum of money Colopl will pay have been disclosed, further details were not revealed. This is due to other terms within the settlement regarding an obligation of confidentiality agreed upon by both parties.

In January 2018 Nintendo filed a lawsuit against the White Cat Project developer. This was due to possible infringements on a patent filed by Nintendo. Updates regarding the case surfaced in February 2020, with Colopl announcing that it would change its control scheme for White Cat Project. The latest update had arrived in February 2021, with Colopl stating that they were confident that their game had not infringed upon Nintendo’s patent rights.

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