Who are the Best Dragon Quest Monsters?

best dragon quest monster

Dragon Quest Treasures is here and, while it isn’t an entry in the Monsters spin-off series, it definitely features some of those elements. Namely, you spend quite a bit of time scouting enemies to turn into your allies. It got us thinking about characters throughout the series. So today, let’s share the ones we feel are the best Dragon Quest monsters.

As someone with a fairly entry-level knowledge of the series, I’ll take the easiest option and state that the best monster in Dragon Quest is the humble Slime series. They’re easy fodder for any beginner adventurer, and they look so silly with their blank expressions. There is not a single thought behind those eyes, and I love them for it. — Stephanie


Slimes are awesome, and honestly the #1 correct answer when it comes to conversations about which Dragon Quest monster rules the heap. That said, I do have a special place in my heart for the Scarewolf, and its pun-tastic buddies the Bewarewolf and the Tearwolf. From their silly names to their goofy tunics to their “Rrrar, gonna getcha!” poses and goofy Scooby-doo faces, they’re emblematic of the joyful, silly spirit behind Dragon Quest creature design. Love ’em! — Josh

best dragon quest monster

I’d say Rocket Slime, but the question was “best Dragon Quest monster” and not “best Dragon Quest hero.” So instead, my answer is Liquid Metal Slime. For one? Experience is great, and metal slimes give you a lot of it. But perhaps most important? The little pal got its own hardware! It’s honestly pretty slick-looking, if you ask me. And reminding me of cool Japanese 2DS and 3DS variants is more than enough to top my list. — Graham

best dragon quest monsters

I hate how the Chimaera line looks in Dragon Quest, but it always tends to become one of my most practical and best monsters. I used one in Dragon Quest Builders 2 to take to the sky. The same goes for Dragon Quest Treasures. They usually use some decent magic spells. Not to mention without the humble Chimaera, we wouldn’t have all those Chimaera Wings to help us quickly fly to safety! — Jenni

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