Who Clears Up All The Blood And Bodies After A Shooter? In This Game, It’s You


We’re accustomed to blasting our way through soldiers, monsters, and aliens in videogames, typically leaving a mass of bodies and blood in our wake. But who do you suppose cleans all that mess up?


In Viscera Cleanup Detail it’s you. You play as a janitor on a spaceship after an alien invasion decimated everything until one hero (the one we’d normally play as) blasted through all of them.


Armed with a mop, gloves, dispenser machines, plasma laser, and sniffer tool, you head through this space station to pick up the torn limbs, cadavers, soak up the blood, and pick up the spent cartridges.


You don’t have to do it alone, either, as you can bring friends in and have them help you out with your cleaning duties too. Plus a sandbox mode lets you mess around with the physics rather than focus on cleaning up, if that’s your kinda thing.


Viscera Cleanup Detail has been in Early Access for two years or so now. But finally it’s finished and is available as a full game on Steam.

Chris Priestman