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Who’s the Best Final Fantasy XIV Character?

best ffxiv character estinien

Final Fantasy XIV has amassed years of worlds and personalities in its decade-ish of life. (People understandably count those years a bit differently!) But which FFXIV character is your favorite? Here are our staff picks.

I am a big fan of Estinien. I think he’s hilarious, for one. What he did to Aymeric is amazing. But he’s also someone who’s gone through a lot of personal growth throughout the storyline. To the point where he’s an admirable hero by Endwalker. He’s cool! — Jenni

best final fantasy xiv character sadu

There’s so much to be said about the FFXIV characters around whom the story revolves, like the Scions and the different leaders of the city-states. But someone that really stood out for me, despite not having a particularly large role in the narrative? Sadu, leader of the Dotharl from Stormblood.

Completely fearless and domineering, she rules the Azim Steppe by weight of presence alone (no matter what Magnai thinks). She’s the very definition of a minor character that makes a major impression. It’s no mystery why she’s incredibly popular among FFXIV fans. — Josh

best ffxiv character final fantasy xiv warrior of light

This is going to sound extremely strange to a lot of people, even major Final Fantasy XIV fans. But my favorite FFXIV character? The Warrior of Light depicted in the cinematic trailers. I’ve never considered my character as being the Warrior of Light, and more or less engage with the narrative on a more depersonalized level.

Instead, I guess I’m more or less invested in the idea of the Warrior of Light that the cinematics present. How his appearance has gradually changed from the youthful and fresh-faced Archer from A Realm Reborn to the worn and steadfast Paladin he is now. Over time, the concept of this character and what he represents to the narrative is something I have grown to appreciate. And he’s become my favorite character for that reason. — Kazuma

Who do you think is the best Final Fantasy XIV character? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter! And read our other handy roundtables for more thoughts from the Siliconera team.

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