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Why DmC Devil May Cry’s Dante Is Part Angel


Unlike the old Dante, who was part demon and part human, DmC Devil May Cry’s Dante is half-angel and half-demon. This is reflected in the game’s combat, too, where you can switch between demon and angel forms, each with their own moves. So, why did Ninja Theory include the half-angel part?


I asked Ninja Theory’s Creative Director, Tameem Antoniades, this very question at E3. Antoniades told me that Capcom had rules about which parts of the Devil May Cry canon Ninja Theory could change in their reboot.


For their part, Ninja Theory wanted Dante to be something special, like nobody else on Earth—almost like a secret weapon against the demons. Because the world is run by demons who throw their weight around, Dante being an angel makes him special.


At some point in DmC Devil May Cry, Dante is recruited by an organization of freedom fighters called “The Order,” who are attempting to free the world from demon occupation. The Order assigns one of their members, Kat, to be Dante’s guide and aid him on his mission against the demons.