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Why Is Your Little Sister An Idol In My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute HappyenD?


In My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute HappyenD, the PS3 game based on the popular novel/anime series, you play as Kyousuke and get to manage your little sister Kirino and her friends as they aim to become Japan’s top idols. Until now, you may have been wondering how in the world they became idols in the first place. Now, Dengeki Online has revealed the answer to the world.


One day, Kirino’s otaku friends Kuroneko and Saori come over to her house to hang out, when Saori suddenly pulls out an application form for an amateur idol audition and asks the ultimate question: “Who would make a better idol, Kirino or Kuroneko?”


After some consideration, Kyousuke picks Kirino (we’re not sure what happens if you pick Kuroneko). Kyousuke’s response leads to some typical bickering, and eventually, he says to Kirino, “If you become an idol, I’ll be your manager, servant, or whatever.” A while later, Kirino gets a letter in the mail declaring that she passed the audition.


That may not be the Earth-shattering revelation you were hoping for, but along with some info on the story, here are some screenshots of Kirino and Kuroneko in swimwear.



As fans of the series already know, Kirino is a model student and closet otaku who likes adult dating sims with little sisters. Meanwhile, Kuroneko is a chuunibyou who often cosplays as the heroine of her favorite anime.


My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute HappyenD will be released for the PlayStation 3 on September 26.