Why You Are Hunting Demons In Tecmo Koei’s Historical Hunting Game, Toukiden

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Dynasty Warriors developer, Omega Force, revealed more story info regarding their upcoming historic hunting game, Toukiden.


A quick correction to our previous report, the Mononofu are in fact a group of people in Toukiden who are in charge of defeating the demons to bring peace to the land. For 1,000 years, the Mononofu have defended the people of their land from demons and were the unsung heroes of their time.


After a long era of peace, a great disaster occurred. The heavens and earth were split as the time warped, suddenly, a vast amount of demons began to overflow the land. The demons destroyed land and took the lives of many, as they conquered the realm. That’s when the Mononofu decided to step up and do what they did many centuries ago, exterminate demons.


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The Mononofu took the surviving people to a village and then confronted the demons. Seven days and seven nights of fierce battles went on, and the Mononofu won the battle, however, not the war.  The disaster marked an event in history, known as “Oomagadoki”. As defenders of mankind, the Mononofu devoted their lives to protect the people from the demons.


Eight years passed and the fight against the demons continue. In Toukiden a new warrior (that’s you!) of Mononofu steps up to put an end to their tyranny.


Toukiden is slated for release in 2013 for the PlayStation Vita and PSP.

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