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Wii U-Exclusive Psyscrolr Has You Using The Touchscreen To Channel Psychic Powers



Out on April 2nd, Actos Games’s 2D platformer psyscrolr has you playing as the Scrolr, who is a boy with psychic powers he didn’t want, as he sets out on a dangerous journey. The cool bit is that you use the touchscreen at times to channel these psychic powers.


The Scrolr (and you) are helped along by a voice inside his head known only as the Narrator. With this aid, you learn how to push, pull, and destroy objects. When it comes to boss fights, combat is turned into a puzzle as you learn how to utilize your powers to beat them.


Psyscrolr has a hub world where you can head off to any of its levels, replaying them as you wish. Soon the game will have DLC that adds more levels to this hub world to configure what its main creator Jonathan Meyer hopes will be an “episodic feel” that will encourage you to come back regularly.



“An example are the letters strewn throughout certain levels of the game. There are more secrets we plan to add in a further update, as well as hidden mini-games added to the game to enhance replayability with leaderboards and Miiverse features planned,” Meyer said.


You can find out more about psyscrolr on Actos Games’s website.

Chris Priestman