Wild Arms: Million Memories Announced For Smartphones, Launches In 2018 In Japan



Sony’s smartphone games brand ForwardWorks announced that a new Wild Arms game was in the works back in December 2016 and it has finally been announced as Wild Arms: Million Memories.


Details are still light for the time being, but ForwardWorks says that it is a brand-new game set in the world of Wild Arms. While it features a new story it is being supervised by Akifumi Kaneko who worked on the original Wild Arms games, and the developers are focusing on keeping aspects that stay true to Wild Arms.


One message behind its development is for the staff to make sure they “don’t destroy the memories of Wild Arms we played long ago,” and keeping that promise is something they’re placing great importance into. The “Million Memories” title is also related to the “many memories” from the staff that grew up playing the original games as well.


Wild Arms: Million Memories is expected to release in Japan in 2018 for iOS and Android. The theme song is called “Million Memories” and is performed by Rin Akatsuki. You can check it out on the official website.

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