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Wild Guns: Reloaded Announced For PlayStation 4 As The Series’ First Title In 22 Years



Natsume and Natsume Atari announced Wild Guns: Reloaded today for PlayStation 4, making it the series’ first new game in 22 years since the SNES western shooting gallery game Wild Guns. In addition to several other Natsume titles, Wild Guns: Reloaded will be showcased at E3 2016.


Wild Guns is known for its fast paced gallery style shooting element that mixes the Wild West and Steampunk. Players will get to play as Clint, Annie, two new characters, or all together in multiplayer action. They have the ability to jump, dive, and roll to dodge bullets.


Wild Guns Reloaded

Here’s some more from the press release:


In Wild Guns: Reloaded, Annie has tracked down the famed bounty hunter Clint to get revenge on the Kid gang. With eight stages, each with three zones, there’s plenty of bad robots to blast away. With a true arcade game feel, Wild Guns was the first sci-fi western to arrive on home consoles and, to this day, there really isn’t any other game like it!


Wild Guns: Reloaded adds numerous improvements to the original formula, including:

  • Two new characters, each with their own weapons and tactics
  • 1-4 player mode, where each player can take on one of the four characters
  • Classic and NEW Stages!
  • NEW Boss Enemies and Special Weapons!


Wild Guns was an instant cult classic when it launched a little over 20 years ago, and fans have continued to love the franchise on Nintendo platforms over the years,” said Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume Inc. “We’re very excited to be working with Natsume Atari Inc. and the original development team to bring the game to the PlayStation 4 audience.”


“With our 30th anniversary this year, it’s the perfect time to revisit one of our classic and most beloved titles,” said Takashi Matsumoto, CEO of Natsume Atari Inc. “The original programmer, designer, and sound creator of Wild Guns are excited to have an opportunity to revisit their game many years later, and bring it to a modern Sony audience.”



[Top image from the original Wild Guns.]

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