PlayStation 4

Wild Shows A Shaman Trying To Reach A Sacred Site


Among the many games shown at Sony’s Paris Games Week media briefing was Wild, from Wild Sheep Studio. Players follow a shaman who uses the power of nature to accomplish various tasks to aid the tribe. In the latest footage, people follow the shaman as he attempts to heal a member of his community bitten by a venomous snake.


To save the woman’s life, the shaman will have to go to a sacred place to contact the Mighty Snake divinity. This involves calling upon an eagle to see through its eyes, then ride a bear to reach the final location. However, a rival tribe is located at the sacred spot, and the shaman has to use other wildlife to sneak into the cannibal camp. He rides inside of a rabbit and controls it to sneak into the camp and see what’s going on. The shaman is then able to distract the enemies with a swarm of ravens, making it easier for him to go in and attack.


By summoning the Mighty Snake divinity, the shaman can learn new skills. In this case, he can learn to make an antidote or control snakes. The trailer closes with the Mighty Snake divinity asking if the shaman knows the cost of such knowledge.


A release date for Wild has yet to be announced. It will be playable on the PlayStation 4.

Jenni Lada
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