WildStar Will Become Free-To-Play On September 29th



    NCSoft and Carbine Studios has announced that WildStar, their space western MMORPG, will be relaunched as WildStar: Reloaded on September 29th. The big difference? It’ll be free-to-play.


    Siliconera covered the major changes that this free-to-play reboot of WildStar will bring previously. NCSoft provides a shortened version: “a new character creation and intro experience; improvements to dungeons, itemization, tradeskills, world bosses and group content; a class stat revamp; new quality of life features, bonus events, the Cosmic Rewards program.”


    There will also be a Signature service introduced that will cost money and provides new bonuses and rewards – this is where the developers are planning to make money.


    The other place that your real money will taken in WildStar is its in-game shop. Here, you can buy cosmetic improvements, character services, progression boosts, and other goodies. But you don’t have to use real money as the shop also accepts the new OmniBits currency. This is earned in-game by completing goals and killing enemies.

    Chris Priestman

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