In Lost Dimension, you’ll be playing as a member of a special task force called S.E.A.L.E.D. to climb a mysterious giant pillar in order to stop The End, a villain who plans on destroying the world in 13 days. 4Gamer shares a few more screenshots for the upcoming PlayStation 3/ Vita RPG.


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After The End announced that he’ll be destroying the world, the United Nations decided to put together a competent group of individuals with special abilities to stop him. The above is a look at the said members of S.E.A.L.E.D. who’ll be putting their powers to use in the giant pillar.


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In order to climb the pillar, you’ll be required to "erase" or sacrifice one of your members. The heroine Yoko Tachibana is shown looking distressed at the fact that they’ll be needing to take out one of their allies.


To make matters worse, The End also reveals that there’s a traitor amongst the group of S.E.A.L.E.D., and it will vary who exactly, as you play through the game, so it looks like there will be a few things to worry about as you make your way up the pillar in order to save the world.


Lost Dimension will be released on August 7, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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