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Will The Slime Or Cyclops Be One Of Your Favorite Moero Crystal Monster Girls?



Compile Heart’s latest entry in the Genkai Tokki series is adding 50 new characters for a total of 80 monster girls. Now that there’s plenty to choose from, Compile Heart are holding a popularity poll on their official website to find the top 3 most popular monster girls.


Since 80 monster girls might be a little too much to cover, here are a few to give you an idea what they’re about:





Luanna is a Pegasus monster girl. She’s confident in her running speed, but she hates snakes due to having been bit by one in the past. Just thinking about it brings back some bad memories.


Hobby: snapping carrots in half between her thighs

Favorite things: clean water, sea buckthorn juice



2015-08-12_064112Slime hates being considered a small-fry monster just because she’s from the countryside. While she may look like your typical monster, she says that she’s a monster girl of noble origins. She also has many relatives. But she doesn’t like the city.


Hobby: harvesting potatoes

Favorite things: potato stew, buckets




Cyclops says that she has great forging techniques, although she only uses it for destruction nowadays. She’s often asked about her eye bandage but according to Cyclops “it’s like… just leave it alone, okay? I sometimes put the eye bandage on the wrong eye, but don’t worry about that either.”


Hobby: various acts of vandalism

Favorite things: walnuts





Mimic specializes in mimicking, as her name implies. She likes to chomp on the hands of adventurers that mistake her as a treasure chest. As she says, “pretty roses have thorns, right? Well, attractive treasure chests have fangs. You better remember that.”


Hobby: nice and slimy things

Favorite things: yam, eggplant


You can check out the other monster girls on this page. Simply click on the picture of your favorite monster girl, then press the button on the bottom, and the button on the right after that to confirm and submit your vote.


The character voting will go on from August 11th until September 24th, and you’ll get to vote once per day.


Moero Crystal will release in Japan on September 25, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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