To Win, Marry These Earth Devastating B-Rank Girlfriends


Letting the “Just marry them all and be done with it” fans have their cake at last sounds too good to be true, but it is. In the latest update to Earth Devastating B-rank Girlfriend developer Level-5 have charted a new course with the newest mission for the slot-machine RPG. Titled the “Space Mission: Solar Systems Compilation”, it seems to pick up after the success of repelling the alien attack.



Players are part of a band of mercenaries who’ve boarded and commandeered the Kurofune, an alien craft that is now making its way around the solar system. Someone forgot to tell their minder Karen The Keeper (above), though, and she’s hot on your heels and has captured some of the crew. Now it’s up to you to rescue the crew from the prison planet Erebus. You’ll pick up mercs such as Cosmos Pirate Lilia, or the Phantom Milky Way Anna. (below, left and right respectively) And, somehow, marry them.



We’re serious, the apparent way to finish the mission is to marry five mercenaries. We’re… not really sure how that works out either.


The update is out now for both the iOS and Android versions of the game.