Winged Cloud’s Next Visual Novel Is The Love Comedy Sakura Angels



Publisher Sekai Project has put developer Winged Cloud’s upcoming visual novel Sakura Angels up on Steam Greenlight alongside a new trailer.


This is Winged Cloud’s follow-up to Sakura Spirit, although the story and characters don’t match up in anyway, so you could say it’s somewhat of  a spiritual successor (pun intended).


Sakura Angels follows two girls with magical powers as they attempt to save the game’s lonely protagonist from a witch and an ancient evil that was previously sealed by his ancestors and now comes after him.


It’s not stated anywhere, but judging by the screenshots it would seem that Sakura Angels might feature brief nudity and / or a sexually explicit script, as is the case with Sakura Spirit. Put it this way, it’s described as an “angelic love comedy,” so draw your expectations around that as you will.

Chris Priestman