With Exploration Comes Superpowers In The Cartoon Dreamworld Of Superglad



Coatsink Software has uploaded some video footage of the demo version of its upcoming cartoon-style adventure platformer Superglad. You can watch it above.


Superglad follows the adventure of a young girl called Ruby and her bear Lloyd after they awaken inside a dreamworld of their own creation. As wonderful as it might seem (and look) it turns out that the pair are actually imprisoned inside this fantasy. And their chances of getting out lie in a jingling key that’s always out of their reach.


In pursuing this key they go from the pleasant plant lands of the tree house, meeting strange and conniving creatures along the way, and head slowly towards more nightmarish landscapes including an orphanage – you may get some insight into Ruby’s situation and why she’s trapped in this dreamscape along the way.



Other than exploration, there’s also puzzles to solve along this journey. These start off simple and quite plain, such as aligning cogs back into a machine, but as Ruby and Lloyd start to take more control of the dream (the more they explore the more lucid they get) they gain super powers, such as telekinesis, shrinking, and levitation. With this, the puzzles also become more complex, and hopefully a little more interesting too. You’ll also need to make use of being able to switch between the two characters and the different abilities they possess to succeed.


You can find out more about Superglad on its website. It will be coming to PC, consoles, and mobile whenever it’s finished.

Chris Priestman