Without Within 2, The “Travel Novel” Sequel, Is Now Out On Steam


Invert Mouse has released the “travel novel” sequel Without Within 2 on Steam. It’s available for Windows and Mac.


This follow-up to Without Within sees protagonist Vinty attending a calligraphy event in Melbourne where she hopes to meet her idol Excelia. “Determined to study and mimic her idol’s every move, will Vinty end up losing her identity?” teases the description.


Without Within 2 is about five times longer than the first game at around 20,000 words in length. There are also optional videos to watch as you follow Vinty in her travels – they link out to YouTube and, unfortunately, don’t work for Linux users on Steam.


There’s a demo of Without Within 2 that you can download from its website.

Chris Priestman
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Former Siliconera staff writer and fan of both games made in Japan and indie games.