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Wizard Of Legend Offers Co-Op High-Speed Spell-Slinging


Wizard of Legend features high-speed combat built around combos of spells players can string together in a hurry. With a local co-op mode, players can fire these spells off in tandem with one another, allowing them to create even more devastating combinations together than they could alone.


Wizard of Legend allows players to equip an array of spells to their wizard as they move through procedurally-generated dungeons, using them in quick succession to keep their enemies on the ropes. As they move through each dungeon, they’ll find new relics and spells (of which they are over one hundred) that will allow them to fine tune their acrobatic mage, giving them far more combat options that can bury whole sections of the screen in flames or fill them with minions who’ll do their bidding.

These spells can be used quickly, switching from one spell to another with little time in between, which allows players to chain magics together to keep enemies reeling. However, with Wizard of Legend’s local co-op, that effect can be made even stronger when both players choose spells that complement each other’s loadouts, pummeling foes with various magics. Should one player get taken out, though, they can be revived by having the remaining player do an impressive show of might against multiple enemies.


Wizard of Legend is available now through the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Steam, GOG, and Humble Bundle.

Alistair Wong
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