Wizardry Chronicle’s English Fan Translation Is Now Complete


2321screenshot3 Over two years after fans undertook the challenge of translating Wizardry Chronicles, a patch has been released on Romhacking.net. This is a near complete translation put together by MrRichard999, Helly, Rikoren, AgentOrange, Eien Ni Hen, Alkeides, Jink640, Mark Patraw, and Eggs is Eggs. The group has translated all of the dialogue, item names, and enemy names in the game, though stat and item abbreviations remain untranslated due to a technical issue.


Originally released in Japan, Wizardry Chronicle is a spin-off from the main Wizardry series of RPGs. Players create a party of characters of varying races and classes and head into dungeons to battle monsters. Depending on your stats and alignment, different classes are available. For example, mages are dependent on intelligence stats, with alignment, race, and gender having no bearing. I thief, however, could only be neutral or evil and would need a certain number of points in their dexterity stat.


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Wizardry Chronicle was originally released on Windows PCs in 2001.

Jenni Lada
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