Wizardry: The Five Ordeals PC Remaster Announced

Wizardry The Five Ordeals PC

Game*Spark Publishing announced that Wizardry: The Five Ordeals will receive a PC remaster, with 59 Studio handling the development of the title. The title has been remade using the Unity engine, but the core mechanics of the game will remain intact. Wizardry: The Five Ordeals is available for Early Access through the Steam storefront.

The release date listed on the page simply says it will arrive sometime June 2021. However, further down the developers state that game will remain in Early Access for roughly a year. The page states that while the game is fully playable, the user interface and in-game editor still need both minor and major adjustments. Another factor is the implementation of English text. Most of the user interface is translated in Early Access, though. The page also states that the game will be slightly more expensive when purchased out of Early Access.

This title features a scenario editor, which allows for users to create their very own dungeons. The scenario editor is one of the primary reasons why the developers decided to bring the game to Steam. Additionally, this version of the game will feature wide-screen support, gamepad support, and will allow players to use custom portraits.

Wizardry: The Five Ordeals is currently available in Early Access on PC. The Wizardry series has received several other PC ports, with Wizardry: Labyrinth of Lost Souls being one of the most recent titles made available on PC through Steam.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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