Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Is Headed To Consoles And Computers




The Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap countdown is over and the game has been revealed. Lizard Cube and DotEmu are working on an updated version of the Sega Master System and Turbografx-16 game. It will come to both consoles and computers, though the developer and publisher didn’t specific which consoles will see the game.


Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap’s core gameplay will remain the same. Players will still follow Wonder Boy after Meka-Dragon’s curse turns him into a lizard man. He’ll then travel the world, gaining additional hawk, lion, mouse, and piranha transformations from other dragon’s curses. These forms will give him new skills and help him reach new areas. The remake will have new graphics, improved sounds, and some other, undisclosed features will be added.


 WonderBoyTheDragonsTrap-05 WonderBoyTheDragonsTrap-02 WonderBoyTheDragonsTrap-03 WonderBoyTheDragonsTrap-04


A release window has not been announced for Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, as the game is currently in development. However, an official website has opened.

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