Wonder Festival 2020 [Autumn] Canceled Due to COVID-19

Wonder Festival 2020 Autumn Canceled

Wonder Festival organizers have confirmed that Wonder Festival 2020 Autumn has been canceled due to COVID-19.

Wonder Festival is the biggest figure expo that takes place semiannually in Japan. Since starting in 1984, the expo has attracted fans from around the world to check out the latest figures, models, and garage kits.

While the expo normally takes place during the summer and winter, Wonder Festival 2020 Summer was delayed earlier this year due to the global pandemic. Instead of canceling, it was rescheduled to November 1, 2020 as “Wonder Festival 2020 Autumn”. However, with the announcement today, the autumn event has been officially canceled.

The official website shared an update for the schedules of both Wonder Festival 2020 Autumn and Wonder Festival 2021 Winter. For the 2020 Autumn event, it was canceled after event organizers deemed it would be far too difficult to guarantee the safety of all attendees and exhibitors.

As for Wonder Festival 2021 Winter, it has been postponed from its February 7, 2021 date. Applications are currently down but will re-open when we get a new schedule later. All applications received so far will be used again when it resumes. The event organizers will share more on the 2021 Winter event schedule at a later date after reevaluating the circumstances.

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