Wonder Gravity Introduces The Moodmakers Apollo and Ravel


wonder gravity 3

Several more characters from Wonder Gravity, the 2018 smartphone title made by Sega Games and written by Yasuko Kobayashi, have been revealed. Apollo and Ravel are a pair of troublemakers who will cause a fair share of problems for the protagonist Hugo. The character design for another character named Valent was also shown off.


Apollo (CV: Ruka Matsuda)



Ravel (CV: Kappei Yamaguchi)


Apollo is a carefree girl who lives from day to day with her crybaby partner Ravel. The two of them appear to cause trouble for Hugo, but they are also lovable rascals who also act as moodmakers.


Valent (CV: Kazuma Horie)



A cool-headed person who travels as part of a certain trio who aim to map out the entire world.


Wonder Gravity is due out for iPhone and Android in 2018.

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