Work With The Crew To Prevent Invasion In Tactical Space RPG Halcyon 6



Players will be given access to random possible crew members and a derelict starbase at the start of every game of Halcyon 6, a tactical space RPG coming to Steam Early Access on April 21.




A broken down star base, the Halcyon 6, is your best hope to establish alliances, develop new technologies, and otherwise find ways to stop an impending invasion of Earth. Players will have to decide how that base is rebuilt, as it will dictate whether they can build new ships, enhance available technology, or create other tools to help them explore or fight.




Players will have to choose which crew members to assign to tasks within the ships and station facilities as well. Each member has specific strengths, and can also acquire various useful or dangerous personality quirks that will affect how well they can complete a given task.




Ship and character combat can give the player a foothold in given sector, helping them on their path to thwart the oncoming invasion. Diplomacy is still important, though, as making friends with one of the game’s six alien races can help the player. It will also affect the story, leading to several varied in-game events.

Alistair Wong
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