World Of Demons Is PlatinumGames’ New Mobile Title


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PlatinumGames and DeNA have revealed the two companies are working on a mobile game for Android and Apple iOS devices. World of Demons will be a free-to-play title where people will step into the shoes of a samurai named Onimaru, shrine maiden named Sayo or third as yet unnamed character as they attempt to fight and defeat the yokai and oni infesting their world. Preregistration is open at the official website.


Each of World of Demons’ characters will play differently. Players use touch-based controls to attack and use the touch screen to create symbols for finishing moves. They will also be able to collect these over 80 yokai, bringing up to three into a fight to use their different attack spells, elemental buffs and support techniques. Yokai are earned from battles or via a gacha system. Said Yokai can also be fused and refined, while samurais and their weapons can be customized and upgraded. People can go through a Skirmish campaign, participate in asynchronous PvP via Yokai Showdown, participate in cooperative Samurai Stronghold matches by using friends’ characters and take on daily challenges.





”After the Oni killed his parents, Onimaru was kidnapped and raised by Oni from a young age to do their bidding. Now grown, he has vowed to enact revenge on the Oni for what they have done by cleansing the human world of their plague.”




”A shrine maiden dedicated to protecting her family’s ancestral shrine. Sayo has left her shrine behind to search for the Oni who kidnapped her mother. After a chance meeting with Onimaru, she decides that following him on his journey is her best chance to find clues to her mother’s whereabouts.


The World of Demons launch trailer offers a first look at Onimaru and Sayo, two of the characters players will use to fight Oni, and the monsters they will face.



World of Demons will come to Apple iOS devices in Summer 2018, followed by an Android release.

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