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World End Economica Will Enjoy A New Beginning On PlayStation 4s and Vitas




At E3 2016, Sekai Project announced it would be working with Mighty Rabbit Studios and Limited Run Games to port some of its PC visual novels to PlayStation platforms, complete with limited physical editions. At Anime Expo 2016, a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita version of World End Economica was announced. The kinetic visual novel written by Isuna Hasekura, the writer of Spice and Wolf, will be coming to the console and handheld in 2017.


In World End Economica, readers follow a boy named Haru who lives on the moon. In fact, his parents were some of the first colonists and he was actually born there. Except, now that people have actually colonized the moon, it’s quickly reaching the point where no planet or territory lies beyond people’s reach. Haru has run away from home and turned to day trading in internet cafes to earn enough money to go where no one else has ever been. In the game’s three episodes, we see him find a new “home” and “family” for himself as he chases his dreams.


Physical editions of both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita versions of World End Economica will be available through Limited Run games. They will have reversible covers and include a pre-order bonus. As an extra reward, the 1,829 people who backed the game’s Kickstarter will get first dibs on PlayStation platform pre-orders.


World End Economica’s first two episodes are immediately available on Steam for PCs.

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