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World End Syndrome Introduces Its Girls With A New Trailer



Now that Arc System Works’ romance and mystery hybrid visual novel World End Syndrome has a release date, the publishers shared a new trailer featuring its main characters.


The story takes place in a seaside town called Mihate, where the protagonist is transferred to a new school and joins the Mystery Research Club. He hears on a radio talk show about a local legend that sees the dead revive every 100 year. The dead who return to the world are known as the “Yomibito.” With the case of a missing high school girl, some through of it as some kind of omen for the return of the Yomibito.


One day while at a barbecue with the Mystery Research Club they discover a bag of the missing girl. Her body is found in the river a few days later… this is the year that appears once every hundred years.


World End Syndrome releases in Japan on August 30, 2018 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

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