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World End Syndrome Shares A Teaser Trailer, First Screenshots, And Details



Arc System Works recently announced a new love sim called World End Syndrome that is being developed by Toybox for PS4, PS Vita, and Switch. Here’s a teaser trailer and its first screenshots with details.


Here’s a look at a teaser trailer for the game:


Character designs for the game are being handled by Yuuki Katou, known for his work on the visuals for the BlazBlue series. As for its scenario, it is being taken care of by Tomio Kanazawa, who worked as a producer of numerous visual novels.



“I wish… this world would just end.”

A young man (protagonist) who spends his days in boredom while concealing a small darkness inside, has left the city due to a certain incident and goes to stay at a seaside town in a cove, called Mihate City. He lives in his uncle’s summer home, where his brand –new life in Mihate City begins.


He spends time with new friends at Mihate High School, where he goes through an unforgettable “summer experience,” and goes through an “incident” in this quiet seaside town…


Depending on how you spend time with the girls, the boy’s world will greatly change…


Here are the characters:


Maimi Kusunose (CV: Hisaoko Tojo)


The protagonist’s cousin that has a cheerful personality as a good trait, and has a rough personality if you want a bad trait. Due to an unexpected event, she ends up living under the same roof as the protagonist. She’s part of the tennis club at Mihate High School. She’s a refreshing character who is well-liked by both boys and girls.





Miu Amana (CV: Shiori Izawa)




She’s a quiet and mysterious girl who avoids getting attention. She tends to keep to herself, but she’s the leader of the “Miss Research” club, and has a serious side to her as well. You might be able to see a rather unexpected side to her if you visit the cafe she works part-time.





World End Syndrome releases in Japan in 2018 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

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